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The magic of restoring a sense with Paola Delgado from Cochlear Colombia

Bogotá, 4 May 2020 – The Australia-Colombia Business Council (ACBC) interviewed Paola Delgado, one of our Board Members and Colombia Business Manager at Cochlear, to share her story with our community. Cochlear is one of the Australian companies in Colombia’s health sector that are in the exception to operate during the coronavirus pandemic. The company […]

Overview of the B2B Services Sector in Latin America

Latin America is steadily becoming a global economic powerhouse, with opportunity presenting itself throughout the region in a handful of different sectors and industries. Most notably, business-to-business, or B2B, sectors in the region has developed across many domains and caught the eye of many international firms. Many of these firms are looking to expand their […]

Local Partnerships Will Be Crucial Amidst International Travel Restrictions

COVID-19 is having a devastating effect on global businesses, with experts saying this will be the most significant economic crash in decades. The travel industry, in particular, has been hit hard. More than 100 countries have restricted travel regulations in place, with more than a third closing their borders entirely. Countries with only partially closed borders […]

Utilizing Online Marketplaces For Business Growth In Latin America

Latin America is undergoing a period of rapid change and development. The region is experiencing a digital overhaul in several traditional sectors, including agriculture, finance and retail. The appearance of online marketplaces in the region is likely a response to the increased uptake of technology, particularly smartphones (paywall). As consumer behavior changes to adjust to these disruptions, businesses must adapt[…] The […]

Business and Finance Expert Loren Moss Discusses Commerce in Colombia

Biz Latin Hub’s Chelsea Heywood was privileged to connect with Loren Moss, Executive Editor and Publisher of Finance Colombia. Loren also juggles publishing, editorial, and business intelligence and analysis operations for FinanceAmericas, Cognitive Business and Unido Digital[…] The post Business and Finance Expert Loren Moss Discusses Commerce in Colombia appeared first on Biz Latin Hub.

Trade and Business Development in the Andean Community of Nations

Follow important business development in the Andean Community of Nations to understand the future of trade access in Latin America. As a company looking to expand into Latin America, consider the opportunities generated by powerful regional trade agreements, and how your business operating within Latin America can access important consumer markets abroad[…] The post Trade and Business Development […]

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